Remote Screen Sharing

Mikogo 3.0.2

Mikogo 3.0.2: Mikogo is a free desktop sharing tool for web conferencing with up to 10 people. Mikogo is a free web conferencing tool where users can share any screen content in true color quality with up to 10 participants simultaneously. Mikogo is a freeware tool for both commercial and private users. It is rich in features, such as screen sharing, switch presenter, remote control, recording, whiteboard, application selection, and file transfer. Security is of a high standard, employing an industry-leading 256-AES end-to-end encryption.

ScreenViewer 2.1.0: Watch the screenshot of remote computer easily and quickly
ScreenViewer 2.1.0

ScreenViewer is used for remote computer screen monitoring.It captures a remote screenshot whenever you want to view remote screen.It can also save the screenshot as a JPEG file. It consist of two parts: server and client, server is installed in remote computer, invisible, client is installed in your computer, then you can watch the screen of server. Client supports multiple servers and you can watch multiple screens at the same time!

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Live Chat Software - ChatStat Live Chat Software for website. Increase Sales. Provide Support. Happy Customers
Live Chat Software - ChatStat

Remote Screen Sharing inside of a chat. A completely NEW approach for providing website based live chat software! By combining Live Person (Live Chat Software), Trillian (IM Aggregation), Webtrends (Analytics), and Skype (VoIP) all into one program, we have created a new live chat program that can do things that none of these single applications could. The four functions of Chat Stat can be managed from a single, small footprint, instant messenger

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Remotix 3.0: A fast and powerful remote access tool, perfect for managing mixed environments.
Remotix 3.0

Remotix is a fast and powerful remote access tool, perfect for managing mixed Linux, Windows and Mac environments. The complete Apple Screen Sharing support includes clipboard synchronization, adaptive quality codec and multiple monitor support. Remotix Cloud implementation makes it trivial to connect to any computer from anywhere with zero configuration. Quick access code and trusted users are options to give control of the remote computer.

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Remote Media Screen Saver V1.0: RemoteMedia Screensaver Player is a screensaver and a display Screen software
Remote Media Screen Saver V1.0

RemoteMedia Screen Saver to drive your display screens! RemoteMedia Screensaver is good for Schools, Motel, Hotels, Airports, Offices or anywhere you need to display your message... Remote Media Screensaver is the ultimate solution to present your Media and it runs full screen. Remote media allows you to: Create your own screen saver Remote Media Screen saver allows you to play fullscreen images, video, flash and even powerpoint! You can update your

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BeamYourScreen 2.0: Software program for desktop sharing, web demos, and online meetings.
BeamYourScreen 2.0

BeamYourScreen is a simple, fast, easy-to-use software program for remote desktop sharing, which allows users to show their computer screens online. You can give sales presentations and product demos, provide remote support, meet and collaborate online. BeamYourScreen is incredibly fast, unbelievably easy, and completely secure. Boost your productivity, save time and money. Intelligent Session Login technology can be integrated on any website.

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EMCO Remote Screenshot 2.15.15

remote user on any node of you network or may be you would like to check what a certain user is doing right now. All you have to do is just type in the host name and click the capture button; and EMCO Remote Screenshot 1.0 will instantly capture the screenshot from the remote machine. You can configure EMCO Remote Screenshot 1.0 to automatically capture the screenshots form the remote machines on your network after a specified interval. All captured

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